Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chance Favors The Prepared Mind

Here we are just two weeks till the season's opening race at Firebird raceway in Chandler,Az. Man im tellin ya time flies. It seems like a couple of weeks ago we were just pulling back into the shop from "The season finale" at "The Strip" in Las Vegas,Nv.
  There is so much to do over the winter to get one of these cars prepared.The race sanctioning bodies have very stringent safety rules. This includes re-certification of safety gear.These items include Seat belts,clutch,bell housing,engine oil lines,window net, etc.The S.F.I. foundation sets performance standards for the companies that manufacture these products,these products must meet their minimum standards to qualify to be sold to racers.Every year or two you have to send these products back to that manufacturer to be inspected.They test that product,inspect for alterations and either replace or  certify. Not only that,but we have to check the whole car over.Remove all the brakes and inspect for wear or damage,also inspect the parachutes for tears or broken straps,send them off to be repaired and cleaned.Stopping one of these 200 mph cars becomes much more important than the number we put up on the scoreboard! We remove the rearend gear and replace it.Check the axles for cracking,check all bolts,and the chassis for cracks or breaks.I could go on and on but I bet you've got the picture.And then we have a motorhome and trailer,with generators,furnaces,air conditioners,stove,air compressor,computers etc etc.Just like having a second home to keep up with.And then the support vehicles,(golf cart and my zuma scooter) and everything has batteries. I HATE BATTERIES. We have so many places that "Murphy" can hide,and he shows up every winter.

  So,the last month has been all about preparation.When the time comes for us to stage this hot rod,the last thing Greg needs to be thinking about is loose bolts,broken parts or old tires. He can't be thinking about where "Murphy" is hiding.all he needs to be thinking about is reaction time,the one two shift,and keeping the car in the middle of his lane.Hopefully the team in the other lane has prepared for all of this also.Now Greg,make sure your tongue is not between your teeth and let the clutch out on this 1650 hp bomb.
 We are expecting good things from ourselves on the racetrack this year.But there are teams all over the nation that are thinking the same thing.It all comes down to being prepared mechanically,physically,and mentally.These races are extremely difficult to win when you are prepared,impossible if not.
  So right now we are preparing .This is an exciting time,everyone has ZERO points and ZERO race wins.We are all even on paper.It all comes down to who is prepared.We are doing all we can to make sure it is us.

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